Life Coaching with Linda

My mission is to support you in utilizing your strengths and talents to bring about change in your life through achieving your goals. These goals will be specified by you and can involve:

  •  creating positive change in relationships
  • creating a more satisfying and rewarding career/working life
  • Improving health/wellness
  • spiritual/life enrichment
  • contribution/philanthropy/finding meaning
  • increasing pleasure in your free time through hobby/play

You may have other potential goals. I’ll bring my coaching skill set and knowledge base to task to work collaboratively with you. I believe that human beings are adaptive and gifted with the ability to transform. We often have the strengths and capabilities to create growth and enrich our lives. As your coach I’ll help you discover what is present and waiting for attention and energy, to help you create balance, harmony, meaning, and opportunity.

Although coaching and counseling are separate endeavors, my work as a counselor and my additional training and certification as a Life Coach, as well as my experience in working with clients in my private practice for 11 years equips me with expertise and a solid knowledge base to assist clients with coaching.

As a coach I may provide you with feedback and questions to help move you along in your journey. I‘ll also look to you to be accountable to completing homework assignments and implementing new behaviors as you move forward.

I’ll implement a number of coaching strategies including utilizing your preferred style of learning and communicating. I’ll help you focus energy to achieve an optimal state to allow for progress on your chosen goals.

I provide coaching in addition to counseling, but it is important that you understand the difference between coaching and counseling. Coaching involves the present time and the future and focuses more on achieving goals. Counseling can involve the present time and the past and involves treating mental health issues and problems. Coaching is not intended to treat mental disorder. It is your responsibility to seek out counseling and/or psychiatric assistance if you feel it is necessary. I am happy to provide referrals for you to assist you in finding counseling services. If we agree to a coaching relationship I cannot be your counselor. If you are unsure of what is the best alternative to assist you, coaching vs. counseling, give me a call and we can discuss your concerns and find the best option for you.

Coaching sessions are typically via phone, but if you prefer, a face-to face meeting can be arranged. My office is located on Preston Rd. Suite D, Dallas, Texas 75252 in Georgetown Office Community.

I am interested in knowing what motivates and inspires you, your previous accomplishments and what has been helpful to you in reaching goals in the past. Coaching builds on these strengths to breathe life into your life dreams.

How Coaching Services are Delivered:

Single Coaching Sessions:

  • $50 for a half-hour session
  • $100 for a one hour session

Standard package:

  • $200 Exploration & Planning – 2 hour initial coaching session by phone or in person
  • $200 – Monthly coaching fee for 4 half hour phone coaching sessions per month, with a two month initial commitment (Total cost: $600)

Extended Coaching Package

  • $200 Exploration & Planning – 2 hour initial coaching session by phone or in person
  • $400 – Monthly coaching fee for 4 hour long phone coaching sessions per month with a two month initial commitment (Total cost: $1000)

Payment: Options include payment through PayPal prior to the start of the coaching session and serves as a confirmation of your timeslot. Other payment options are check and credit card. I do ask clients to provide credit card information for billing.

Payment for coaching packages is due on a monthly basis and is billed at the beginning of provision of coaching services.

  • For the Standard package: this is billed as two payments - $400 (for the first month), and $200 (for the second month).
  • For the Extended Coaching Package: this is billed as two payments - $600 (for the first month), and $400 (for the second month).


If you have further questions please call for more information.


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